Our Mission

The Responsible Student Publishers Association (RSPA) is a non-for profit body that advocates for student publishing and encourages the responsible publishing of research and work. Every year, thousands of Australian students choose to exploit copyright in the work they create during their studies and the association acts as a voice and representative body for these students. We continuously work on confronting key issues that undermine the rights of student publishers and aim to work with institutions in creating frameworks that govern responsible student publishing.

Objectives of RSPA

  1. Promoting and supporting student publishing in higher education.
  2. Providing transparency and tackling issues that undermine students’ moral and economic rights to publish work.
  3. Promoting the free flow of information and ideas in the interests of all students.
  4. Acting as a representative body for student publishing.
  5. Discussing, examining, initiating, supporting, or, if necessary, opposing proposals, laws, measures or other matters relating to student publishing.
  6. Collaborating with higher education institutions in creating a framework that governs responsible student publishing.